About Hypnogression


You may have heard of Hypnosis, and you may be familiar with the term Regression Therapy (as it's usually used when talking about past-life regression techniques). So you might be wondering, what is Hypnogression?

As you can probably already guess, Hypnogression blends the two terms Hypnosis and Regression together. Hypnogression is an artful blend of hypnotherapy, and past-life regression, or soul-retrieval. It's a modern take on the soul retrieval methods of traditional shamans.

If you search for this term on the web, you won't find much, but you'll find some sites that talk about HypnoRegression. I don't want to confuse you with more jargon, but they are almost identical in terms of what they set out to do. However, my work of Hypnogression is a unique combination of methods I have lovingly honed over the years, and have found to be the most effective, both for myself, and for my clients.

Using hypnosis techniques along with my intuitive gifts, I guide you to enter into a state of complete relaxation, where you can have access to your own higher states of awareness and perception, and connect with your higher self. Along with your guides, we will visit the past places and memories that are connected to the present-day difficulties or blocks you're experiencing.

Through the process you're then able to glean deep insight, experience transformation, and unfreeze the parts of your soul that became frozen and split-off from you. As you reconnect with these parts, you'll have more of your own energy and power available to you.

This healing process continues to integrate within your whole being for days and weeks afterwards, as you're making new internal connections, and having new realizations and insights. You also might find that you are walking in the world in a very different way - one where you feel more empowered, more connected, more aware, confident, and more whole than you ever have before.

I have experienced my own soul retrieval work to be immensely transformative and valuable. 

 I'm a Certified Master Hypnotherapist with the Hypnotherapy Training Institute.

Here are just a few books relating to this work that I recommend: