"...is very wise and loving."

“Val is an ancient text and new book with unlimited number of endings, as in never ending story. He is very wise and loving. More than all of these words he is a human being with powers of persuasion and with an inner child playfully searching with finding and telling us “it’s all okay” and not only okay, “it’s really beautiful to be.”

— F.A.

“Amazing & Beautiful Spirit”

“Traveler…Philosopher…Brother…Teacher and a Student.., this amazing creative being who doesn’t really want to make his art as business… Always here, always ready to help (sometimes even forgetting about himself :) Would take his last jacket off for the struggling and cold homeless guy just because tonight Valera has a place to sleep and this guy isn’t…there is so much to tell, there is so much to write about this MAN.”

— E.T.

"I have made so many miraculous breakthroughs from working with Val. I can't believe the personal and spiritual growth I have undergone! I feel completely comfortable and at home with him in his office- he is truly the BEST and I'd recommend hypnogression for anyone wanting to heal and make a breakthrough!"

— K.U.


“Valera is an amazing hypnogression guide. ”

I had a profound experience with him. I felt safe and was able to go deep into my psyche, in ways that reminded me of a psychedelic experience, only here there was no substance, just Valera's presence and guidance.
I highly recommend meeting him. It's a unique, deep and fun experience.

— S.E.


Val is not only a therapist but a a spiritual midwife.


— L.B.

He pays sacred attention to his clients and tunes into channels of information many therapists can't access. The reverence he brings to the process and to each individual engenders profound safety and openness, two essential ingredients for healing and transformation. He opens the door for you and finds the parts that have been waiting a lifetime to step through, in this way healing personal and trans-generational wounds.


"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."

Ferdinand Foch