If you're feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, I can help you uncover the answers and find the resolutions you're seeking. I use a unique blend of holistic psychotherapy, somatic, and shamanic techniques that help you quickly identify and resolve the issues that can keep you stuck.

One of my gifts and main passions, is doing hypnogression sessions with clients. Hypnogression is the newest emergence of soul retrieval sessions that were performed by shamans, and I use a beautiful blend of hypnotherapy, trance induction, regression meditation, and the main soul-healing technique of journeying, in order to help you re-integrate split-off parts of your soul. The best part is that this method is powerful, and works very quickly. I find it pairs wonderfully with therapy and counseling work, and is deeply transformative for you in your journey of overall growth.

Why therapy?

Have you been wanting to improve your life, make it more fulfilling, exciting, and meaningful? But then wondered, "What's my next step?" Therapy can provide you with answers.

We don’t have to hit rock bottom, or suffer a traumatic emergency, in order see a therapist. Having a compassionate, and non-judgmental professional, who is dedicated to reducing suffering and creating clarity, will introduce changes in your life that will result in a better, more fulfilling experience, no matter where you are in your life. I love assisting people to move through life’s transitions. I can help you find, and take, the next steps to change the trajectory of your life, to one that suits your particular vision about how you actually want your life to be.



You may have heard of Hypnosis, and you may be familiar with the term Regression Therapy (as it's usually used when talking about past-life regression techniques). So you might be wondering, what is Hypnogression?

As you can probably already guess, Hypnogression blends the two terms Hypnosis and Regression together. Hypnogression is an artful blend of hypnotherapy, and past-life regression, or soul-retrieval. It's a modern take on the soul retrieval methods of traditional shamans.

If you search for this term on the web, you won't find much, but you'll find some sites that talk about HypnoRegression. I don't want to confuse you with more jargon, but they are almost identical in terms of what they set out to do. However, my work of Hypnogression is a unique combination of methods I have lovingly honed over the years, and have found to be the most effective, both for myself, and for my clients. 


Individual Therapy

Along with traditional psychotherapy, I use Mindfulness, and somatic therapy approaches to help you shift whatever it is you're needing help with.

I love working with people who are ready to find and take the next step on their path to self-awareness and want to reach their highest potential. I can help you find effective ways to enhance your life and gain freedom by developing practices and habits that will help you clear your body, mind, and spirit. I also love teaching clients ways to protect themselves from outside influences, maintain equilibrium, and raise their level of awareness. I specialize in helping people navigate spiritual awakening experiences, and provide you with effective and practical tools in order to fully align with your path. I can help you integrate an experience you've had with medicine work, including ayahuasca, psychedelics, and others. I also offer teaching on spiritual practices and meditation that can help you strengthen your intent, and empower you to move in the direction of freedom, and alignment with your soul's path.


Couple's Counseling

Lack of communication is the biggest complaint that couples seem to have. I can help you and your partner translate your needs to each other in such a way that both of you feel heard and understood. 

Oftentimes it's unrecognized, and unspoken, fears about the future of a relationship that creates resistance and obstacles that get in the way of effective and collaborative cooperation. Together we can identify each other's fears, as well as the hopes, dreams, attitudes, and behaviors that can help to ensure that your desires for the future become actualized.

Areas of focus:

  • Communication
  • Sexuality
  • Spirituality
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Team Building
  • Partnering

Spiritual Practices & Counseling

If you are interested in balancing your spiritual practice with your daily life, or feel that you need to identify your life direction and acquire habits and practices that will get you there, I have a specific set of practices that have proven to be immensely effective.

I have practiced for well over a decade, and over the years I have professionally taught students and mentored individuals in these various spiritual modalities. I offer instruction and mentoring in the following areas:

  • Meditation
  • Medical and Ascension Qi-gong
  • Tensegrity/Magical Passes (A shamanic energy practice from the Toltec lineage)
  • Macrobiotic Nutrition
  • Sexuality, Career, Romantic & Family Relationships from a Tantric point of view
  • 5 Tibetan Rites

Happiness is not dependent on external factors. Rather, it derives from a of a state of presence, clarity, and awareness of that which is most important to us about life, and then doing something to achieve that goal.

Along with some of my students, I've found that having a consistent, daily practice is essential to your soul's awakening and personal development.